How To Make a Plant Love You - review

So I finished reading Summer Rayne Oak's book "How to make a plant love you". I really thought I would be a how-to book of sorts. Instead I was surprised by a very insightful look on plants and our relationships with them. I really did enjoy it.

This book dives deep into knowing the how, where, and why of plants without throwing a bunch of jargon at you. Instead it leaves the discovery of that to the reader. It makes you ask why do I want this plant? or more importantly, am I right for this plant? Will we be bffs so to speak, and it makes you understand why you need to ask those questions.

The last couple of chapters did have some of that how-to type of information. But not to much. This book ended up being more of a self help book than a houseplant guide. As I think of it now, having read it. I am very happy it is that way. Every plant book I own is much more in that tutorial or guide style. This was so very refreshing.

So if your a plant geek, check it out for sure.

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